With the extravagances of Christmas now starting to fade, your attention is surely turning to your competitive targets in 2019. What am I going to go for? Will I get a World Team place this year? What about the Nationals? What Open Meetings should I do?
Well, knowing how hungry you are for success and silverware, the Cadet Class Association has revived the Travellers Trophy! To be presented at the Inlands at the end of September, this will be awarded to the boat that achieves the best overall results from the Association’s Open Meetings in 2019. Currently events are:
Frensham Pond (23 March)
Felpham (11 – 12 May)
Waldringfield Open (22 – 23 June)
South Cerney (29 – 30 June)
Stone (tbc – September?)
More qualifying events may be added if other clubs confirm before March. All events carry equal weighting. Scoring will be the overall results (not the race results) from each Open meeting added together. All boats taking part in an Open Meeting are automatically included in the Travellers Trophy – no need for separate entry!
Get your Dad to overhaul the trailer and buy him a new travel mug. Follow in the footsteps of Alex Corby, Ben Hazledine, Stevie Morrison and Megan Ferguson! This is the trophy that rewards commitment and tenacity, not flash-in-the-pan glory – real skill is learnt on the circuit!
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