We will all have seen and welcomed the massive change in attitude to plastic waste over the past few months and years, driven in part by programmes such as Blue Planet. As sailors, we are very aware of the natural environment – you don’t get much closer to it than being driven by the wind. And yet  in our sport we often see the adverse impact of humankind, in poor water quality, pollution and debris, at venues home and abroad.

We have pockets of good environmental practice already (recycling at the South Cerney Open Meeting was great). I would like to see if we, as a Class, can step this up a gear or two during the competitions we run in the forthcoming season.

Our aim would be to enter the Cadet Class Association in Sailors for the Seas “Clean Regattas programme“. Over the winter, we would come up with a plan for the three selector events and the Nationals, and see what level of certification we can achieve by August 2019.

The first step would be to form a UKNCCA Green Team to take ownership of this initiative. I am keen that this be led as much as possible by the sailors and non-sailing youngsters in the class, with perhaps a small amount of parental involvement to keep things on track. If this can form part of a school project or D of E skill (need to check this one) then even better still.

If you are interested in being involved in any way, please drop me a line at chair@cadetclass.org.uk or grab me for a chat at the training at Oxford this weekend.

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