How did you get into sailing?

My family moved down to the south coast from near Coventry in the midlands then at 7 or 8 In Oppies  at Key Haven sailing club. Soon after I started Crewing in Cadets.

They say you never forget your first Cadet. Which was yours (name and sail number) and which others did you race?

We brought and old wooden one called 10% Butter, sail number 6161, to learn in.  After that I raced Taz and Jungle is Massive in my last few years in the class.

What was your best experience sailing Cadets?

Winning my last event at an Weymouth selector. Was breeze on and we enjoyed heavy wind. Me and my crew Max Crowe had a good laugh in our last event together.

And which day would you rather forget?

I remember having a few interesting ones at Frensham pond. Turning up with the place frozen solid , watching the wind swing round in circles. Was all good fun though. I never enjoyed racing at Rutland either…

Where was your best venue racing Cadets?

Torbay and Pwelheli where always fun when it turned on. Big wind and waves.

What sailing have you done after Cadets?

I went into 420s and through the Youth squad and World team stuff. Iv been working and sailing on Big boats since then mainly match racing and racing inshore in Etchells , RC44 , Maxis classes. Also a lot of offshore racing in class 40s. I was a team member and reserve sailor on Team AkzoNobel for the last Volvo Ocean Race, which was a huge learning experience.

What do you think racing Cadets taught you, beyond sailing?

You learn all the basic foundation and life skill stuff that you take with you into future sailing. You find yourself 9-10 years down line racing in professional teams , but a lot of the processes are still the same as when your 10 years old at a cadet event.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self at the start of their sailing career?

Chill out and enjoy it more, cadet sailing isn’t make or break/ end of the world. There’s a long road after.

And finally – wooden or plastic?

Plastic all day. Less bailing.

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