The second round of the Cadet Class Winter Series sponsored by Synergy Marine took place on Friday 30th October at Waldringfield Sailing Club on the River Deben in Suffolk.

Before reporting on proceedings, the following is a shameless plug for the wonderful young Cadet sailors of the Waldringfield Cadet Squadron. For several years they have held, at their own instigation, a 5k run to raise funds for BEAT, the eating disorders charity. Covid put an end to a mass run this year but the kids were undaunted and are holding a virtual run instead – if you’ve enjoyed following the Cadet Class over the years please support them via

Back to the sailing, with Waldringfield’s Cadets launching from the Club boat park at one end of the beach and visitors from Frensham, South Cerney and Stone launching outside the Maybush pub at the other the only time the sailors from different parts of the country came together was around the race track… and as has been pointed out elsewhere if social distancing breaks down then its generally as a result of an infringement of Part 2 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (“when boats meet”). As it happens, and for the record, rules observance was generally high and no virtual protests had to be heard!

Ahead of the event there was some conjecture as to whether the weather gods would come up trumps (oops, he gets everywhere) with a bleak forecast and the PRO’s online briefing the day prior being virtually incomprehensible as a result of wind and driving rain – goodness me, he didn’t look happy and his children and others told him so. But come Friday morning it was clear that someone on high was once a Cadet sailor as the wind moderated and we even caught the odd glimpse of sunshine.

Race 1 was away at the first attempt and promptly at 11.30 on a nice full tide up near the Tips area of the Deben. At the first mark Hannah Carruthers and George Cox Olliff had established an early lead which they held to the finish ahead of Bridgette Nee and Monty Slump with Will Shepherd and Joe Mycroft in third: three pondies showing the rest of the fleet that they’d mastered to vagaries of the tidal Deben quite nicely thankyou. Regatta fleet which raced with the main fleet but were coached by ex-cadet (and still cadet-sized) Matt White was won by Gwen Thorogood crewed by Jemima Cox Olliff with Lulu Mayhew and Rhona Enkel second.

Race 2 saw a bit of start line drama as one of the front runners took a little unscheduled swim during the final minute but no problem, up they popped and with plenty of place changes there was opportunity to play catch up. By now the tide had started to ebb and staying in breeze and stream upwind and avoiding tide-induced bananas downwind was the name of the game. In the main fleet, Ben Goult and Alex McEwan took the win with Hannah and George second and Tristan Whittle and Dom McCardle third. Regatta fleet was again won by Gwen and Jemima with Tom Shepherd and Jolyon Conway second.

This was Bish, Bash, Bosh sailing at its best so with the tide now running out hard the PRO rolled straight into race 3 with the wind now up to 13 knots but the cloud ceiling dropping rapidly and threatening rain. The fleet split left and right – those on the left taking the significant pin end bias but out of the tide and possibly in less wind; and those on the right initially behind from the bias but moving much faster over the ground in the fair tide. So it was that Emilia Mayhew and Oscar Bush rounded first (from the right) and held the lead for a while lap until finally caught by Hannah and George (who’d come up the left) at the second windward. The positions of these leading two held to the finish after a third lap was added with Sam Goult and Sarah McEwan taking third. Regatta fleet was still keenly fought as well with this time Evan Harris and James Vellacott taking the win from Monty Hampton and Tash Davidson, second. That was enough for Hannah and George to take the win overall in the main fleet but with the rain falling and wind dropping a fourth race was still on the cards.

A bit of a scrum at the pin end, but this time it didn’t pay to immediately tack off the committee boat into the stronger tide. Instead it was Ben Goult and Alex popping out from the middle of the line and leading up to the windward with not a lot of brotherly love being shown by Sam Goult and Sarah chasing hard. With some long slow runs back against the tide, keeping a clear lane and sailing the rhumb line if you could achieve both together became ever so important and Will and Joe made the most of the opportunity to take the win by a gnat’s whisker from Sam and Sarah with Bridgette and Monty coming through the drizzle into third. Monty and Tash snaffled the regatta fleet win followed by Gwen and Jemima who wrapped up the overall win in the regatta fleet as a result.

That was that for the racing but takeaway chips delivered from the Maybush to the beach raised the spirits as the now drenched sailors packed up before their journeys home.

The Cadet Class have developed a great formula for its 2020 Winter Series with one day events which can be shifted easily and without cost to accommodate changing covid measures. The next event at South Cerney will almost certainly shift due to Lockdown2 but the enthusiasm of parents and sailors alike will doubtless find an alternative date if, as and when permitted.

Our thanks go to Synergy Marine, to Fox Chandlery for sponsoring the event prizes, to Waldringfield Sailing Club for accommodating an open meeting and the many parents and committee members of the UKNCCA and Waldringfield Cadet Squadron whose relentless “can do” spirit has made things happen – always in a responsible Covid secure fashion – when so many other events have fallen victim to the Pandemic.

Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 Pts
Gold Fleet
1 10094 Hannah Carruthers George Cox‑Olliff FPSC/WSC 1 2 1 ‑5 4
2 9994 William Shepherd Joe Mycroft FPSC 3 ‑10 5 1 9
3 10002 Sam Goult Sarah McEwen FPSC 4 ‑6 3 2 9
4 9984 Ben Goult Alex McEwen FPSC 6 1 4 ‑9 11
5 9028 Bridgette Nee Monty Slump FPSC 2 ‑15 6 3 11
6 10007 Toby Bush Kemmel Thorogood WSC ‑8 4 7 8 19
7 9983 Tristan Whittle Dominik McCardle WSC 10 3 8 ‑12 21
8 10032 Amelia Mayhew Hettie Thorougood WSC 9 8 ‑14 4 21
9 10003 Libbie Bush Emily Krailing WSC 5 ‑11 10 7 22
10 10012 Edward Fletcher Alex Enkle WSC 7 9 ‑13 6 22
11 9400 Emilia Mayhew Oscar Bush WSC 11 ‑14 2 10 23
12 9289 Robbie Stewart Dylan McCardle WSC 13 7 12 ‑14 32
13 8854 Ryan Harris Sophie Marshall FPSC (OCS) 5 9 19 33
14 9321 Ines Green Tom Krailing WSC ‑15 12 11 11 34
15 10092 Brandon Barker Kali Karaskas WSC 14 13 ‑15 13 40
16 8352 Megan McMorris Josh Davidson SCSC 12 ‑18 17 16 45
17 7679 Mimi Slump Samantha Nee FPSC 18 17 ‑19 15 50
18 7202 Emilia Hampton Jemima McMorris SCSC 16 ‑19 18 17 51
19 8533 George Little Zachary Windibank FPSC 17 (DSQ) 16 18 51
20 9043 Fiona Nee Elliot Chapman FPSC 19 16 ‑20 20 55
Regatta Fleet
1st 9985 Gwen Thorougood Jemima Cox‑Olliff WSC 1 1 ‑4 2 4
2nd 7231 Monty Hampton Tash Davidson SCSC 3 ‑4 2 1 6
3rd 9151 Evan Harris James Vellacott WSC ‑5 3 1 4 8
4th 9378 Tom Shepherd Jolyon Conway FPSC 4 2 3 ‑5 9
5th 9029 Elouise Mayhew Rhona Enkle WSC 2 ‑5 5 3 10
6th 9962 Charlie Bailey James Bailey WSC 6 6 (DNC) DNC 20
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