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by Roberto Mancini
Published: 12/08/2019 (5 days ago)
Fishers Green Sailing Club

For Sale 9026

Fast Forward Rondar Cadet.

In average – good condition for the age.

This is a great starter/intermediate boat, my son progressed from the Bronze fleet to the Silver fleet in this boat.

He has managed to keep up (and overtake) with much newer boats in this boat.

This is a great package , has a great combination road/launching trailer , as well as an old lightweight launching trailer.

Has two covers and old one, and one that is just a couple of years old .

Has many jibs and mains , all used to various degrees , a couple only a few times and still crisp

Two sets of sails are of competition quality one Macnamara and one set P&B .

Four spinnakers overall .All sails have sail bags in various contition.

Also has two sets of Rudder/foil combinations, as well as two Genesis Rudder stocks.

One centre plate/foil combination is of competition quality, (centreplate is TEB).

Mast cover included too! Boom is only a couple of years old.

Spare Mainsheet ,tiller extension , and spinny pole.(the later two hardly used).

The boat does have signs of use and age , its perfectly usable  , but has the odd , scratch ,scrape and spider type cracks, the front corners have been repaired and sealed with vinyl  wrap, perfectly water tight and looks fine! (just being honest).

The Kicker has two configurations possible , can be operated by the Helm or the Crew.

All you would need is a light board and a couple of straps.


Please make me offers I will be VERY flexible.

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