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Winning GBR World Team Places for 2018

Final of the World Team Selector Series - Pevensey Bay SC 26 & 27th May


Inland Main fleet results: CLICK HERE RESULTS
Inland Bronze Fleet results: CLICK HERE RESULTS

Breaking news...   Congratualtions  goes to Angus Collingridge & Edward Fletcher on winning the RYA Midland Zone Championships this weekend.
For full results click the the image below.

Please click HERE for a few pictures for the recent 2017 Nationals.

UKNCCA Standard Sailing Instructions 2017  HERE        
UKNCCA Courses Appendix 2017   HERE
NOR and ESI for the 2017 Nationals published here

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Remember boats will be left on the beach for the Nationals -so please ensure you remove your Tack Tick etc..... from the boat at the end of each day.

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And so it finishes - all in all an event of highs and lows and a lot of reflection.

The Promotional Series delivered the majority of highs for UKNCCA 

The 51st World Cadet Class Championships have finished in Bruinisse Holland with an excellent day for the GBR Promo fleet and Anna Wooton and Imogen Mayhew in particular.

Lying 4th going into the last two races they knew only two bullets will suffice if they were to have a chance and they preformed out of their skins to deliver just that.

With results for the other boats going their way Anna and Imogen finished first overall in the promos beating 54 other boats from 8 different countries - GO Girls!!
A special mention also to Rosie Targett and Sofia Sfaxi - sailing consistently well all week to achieve a richly deserved second place.

Also a mention to an ex - no wait current cadet Harry Chatteron ( all 6' 3" of him) who stepped in at the last minute to helm for Ines Green and together finished a superb fourth.

With 7 boats in the top 10 the strength in depth is there for all to see and we look forward to seeing some of these super teams in the Worlds at Germany Next Year.

Full results
The Neilson GBR World team had less to celebrate overall
It was not such a sparkling event for the Neilson GBR World team however - although there are several notable highlights to mention.

The strength of the Eastern Europeans and Argentinians was evident with 3 Polish 3 Argentinian and a Ukrainian in the top 10.

Whilst we had no boats in the top 10 - Megan Ferguson and Ollie Mears finished 11th and were the only GBR victor during the series and first British boat.

Bettine Harris and Sam Gould climbed steadily all week and had an excellent 8th place in the last race of the series to finish 13th.

Hattie and Mish Collingridge had a bad day at the office to push them back to 17th overall.

Other finishes are:
  • Ryan Wilkinson Antonia Wilkinson     25th
  • Faye Chatterton Amelia Mayhew         31st
  • Emily Spears Rosie Voyantzis             41st
  • Amy Gould Ben Goult                           43rd
Results HERE

Day 4 - GBR Bite back!!

As the wind got up to a decent level and pin end bias disappeared, the Neilson GBR World team fought back with a series of excellent results.

Race 6 ( we think but the protests are still going on!! 2 days later ) had 3 Neilson GBR Boats in the top 10 with Megan and Ollie in 5th Ryan and Antonia 8th and Bee and Sam 9th  - and a mention to Emily and Rosie who finished 11th .

Race 7 saw what we all came for - a NEILSON GBR CADET Team win!!!!!!

Megan and Ollie beat all- comers to win the race - the first of hopefully a few more for Neilson GBR Cadets.

A strong showing from Faye and Amelia in 4th and Emily and Rosie in 6th demonstrated the GBR's team capability in heavier winds.

However Race 8 was - as they say here back to normal - shifts shifts shifts, which was the undoing of the team with an 18th the top result.

So on to Day 5 - what will it bring??


So with the Promos came yet more success demonstrating GBR strength in depth in Cadets.

Race 6 saw Phoebe Bradshaw and Mimi Slump claim their maiden win in major events - well done you two!!

6 GBR boats in the top 10 reinforced our capabilities.

Race 7 saw Connor Line and Toby Bush take podium honours - yet another first for team GBR.

Race 8 in shifty winds did not phase the GBR team who registered yet another first time winner in Anna Wooton and Imogen Mayhew.

Backing this up was 4 boats in the top 10 including Birthday girl Cally Terkelsen with her crew Phoebe Barr who recorded an impressive 7th - again massive well done!!

So all to play for - onwards and upwards!!



After a day of shifting breezes and ups and downs in wind strength the race committee abandoned racing for the day at approximately 13.00.

However the events did not stop there - following racing yesterday the race committee abandoned race 6 which was sailed in very shifty conditions with over half of the world and promo fleet timed out.

Unfortunately this was done after the race presentation and so there was a flurry of protests that were heard today - all of which  were overruled and the decision stood 

so after 5 races the  Neilson GBR World team standings are

 GBR Promo team  HERE

Day 2 of the Worlds - yet another day of frustration for Neilson GBR Cadet Team

In a day of falling winds the Neilson GBR Cadet team had a day of ups, downs and OCS's as 6 races have now been completed.

Faye Chatterton and Amelia Mayhew had a good day on the water and currently lie 19th . Hattie and Hamish Collingridge and Megan Ferguson and Ollie Mears fell foul of being over the start and lie 10th and 15th respectively.

Strong showing from the Argentina fleet and Polish fleet see them dominate the top 5


A similar story for the Promo fleet as Rosie Targett and Sofia Sfaxi, Kate White and Rhona Enkel and Angus Collingridge and Emilia Green tasted success - however Harry Chatterton and Ines Green again had starts to forget with two UFD.


So on we go - hoping both the wind and GBR fortunes will rise.

A challenging day in the Worlds is balanced by an excellent day in the Promos for GBR!!
The Neilson GBR Cadet world team had a challenging first day on the water at Bruinisse in the 51st Worlds, with several of the team falling foul of the jury boats and some interesting beat choices left Neilson Team GBR with 2 boats in the top 10.

However all is not doom and gloom with some excellent individual racing from Megan, Bettine Hattie and Faye provides us with a platform to build on.

Results are

Team GBR faired much better in the Promo fleet with line honours going to Harry and Ines as well as excellent performances from Kate White, Rosie Targett and Ellie Watling, with 7 GBR Boats in the top 10.

Results for the Promo fleet are HERE

Here is to continued success tomorrow!!!!

Practice race results are found below



Well done to Phoebe Bradshaw and Mimi Slump for winning the Promo practice race .

Well done also to Bettine Harris and Sam Goult for a creditable "second" in  the world race - unfortunate that they had to do six 360s after leading by a country mile all the way round to finish second, damn those turns!!

A good day for team Neilson GBR in both World and Promo fleets, hopefully a sign of success to come!!

And so it begins......... Practice race for the 51st ICCA World Cadet Championships is at 14.00 today.

After a week of rain, rain, and wind, with some rain the Neilson GBR World team and Promo Fleet are ready to take on the best the rest of the world can throw at them.

With a large contingent of promo boats from all over Europe there will be an excellent promotional regatta this year - so we will report on both daily ( the bar permitting).

Neilson GBR team have been training with Tom Mallandine this week and have endured wind, rain no wind and the measurers to be ready to take their place with crews from across the world including , for the first time in several years our Russian friends.

Updates and photos will be posted here and on Yachts and Yachting - so wish them luck and watch this space!!

Bruinisse - are you ready!!  

GBR are coming........

So its finally here and with over 30 GBR boats entering the Cadet World and Promotional regatta in Bruinisse The Netherlands , UKNCCA will be at the event en masse to support the class and demonstrate our capabilities both on an off the water.

Have you all prepared? - had the emails from Neil and Kylie? - sorted out euros, fed the dog/cat/budgie?

Good - because we are also publishing the NOR for Nationals today !!!  Phew!

Please ensure you enter for the Nationals before the deadline for increased fees
  1. This costs more for you
  2. This causes more admin headaches for us  - and its a busy time in UKNCCA land at present
So enjoy the worlds - bring back plenty of silverware and see you in Abersoch

STOP PRESS - Megan Ferguson and Ollie Mears win Fishers Green Open
Full report can be found on Yachts and Yachting  

STOP PRESS - the largest event of the Cadet Calender  - South Cerney Adult Cadet Race!!!!

Here are the runners and riders - all kitted up sporting Adonis and Venus like bodies, supported by the mere mortals that are UKNCCA sailors!!  

Who Won?................................well  see below ( somewhere!!)









South Cerney Open is one of the social highlights of the Cadet Calendar for parents sailors and non sailing siblings alike.

Camping, glamping, canoeing, eating, drinking, footballing, ....parent sailing , oh and the small matter of the Turtle Trophy!!

Who can forget that famous victory by our vetern Cadet Sailor - Gordon Taylor!!?? in last year's event beating , or do we say thrashing TWO - yes two world champions in Karen and Keith Videlo along with Karl Terkelsen. I think he is still dining out on this.

SC are without a doubt one of the most hospitable clubs you will visit and the sailing environment is close to shore and great for beginners and experienced teams - so be there.

Camping ,ad motor homing ( for those who can!! ) is avaiable at the clubhouse from Friday and I am hoping for British Lions coverage on Saturday morning- ( hint hint!!  :) )

The link to enter is here and come along - you will not regret it, unless you get roped into the parents canoeing - then remember there are good reasons why you are normally on shore!!

Enter SC Open here

Brunisee - Nearly there, are YOU ready????
The 51st World Cadet Class Championship is nearly upon us and it looks like a very large fleet of cadets are going to Holland this year for both world team and promotional regattas.

It will be fascintatingto see how Russian and Spanish cadets perform and the UKNCCA would like to take this opportunity to welcome these countries , along with Cuba to the growing Cadet family.

So - are you ready , need anything? , and thinking further ahead , what are your aspiraitons for next year, a new boat perhaps??

Well.........  below is the latest boat for sale post worlds AND an opportunty to buy a new jib.

This will be on the home page for a weeek or so - then will join the grwoing marketplace on this site

 unused Mac Jib for sale, just in time for the Worlds, Cadet Week and the Nationals. RRP £230. We will consider any reasonable offers above £100 .
In both instances contact the Blands


STOP PRESS - Neilson GBR Cadet World Team announced
Jamie Mears and Will Mears won the  South Cerney Adult race from Gemma Mears and Ollie Mears second - well done team Burnham !!

After a 15 race series over 3 weekends the Neilson GBR Cadet world team has been selected and drama went down to the wire.
It is with pleasure that UKNCCA can select
  • Cara Bland               Ines Green
  • Megan Ferguson     Ollie Mears
  • Bettine Harris          Sam Goult
  • Hattie Collingridge  Hamish Collingridge
  • Ryan Wilkinson       Antonia Wilkinson
  • Emily Spiers            Rosie Voyantzis
  • Amy Goult                Ben Goult
Have been selected to represent GBR at the 51st Cadet World Championships in Bruinisee Netherlands - a HUGE CONGRATS to all!!!

Final results here

STOP PRESS - Megan Ferguson and Ollie Mears win Clemenson Nautilus Trophy!!

In brutal conditions on Saturday and absolutley no wind on Sunday Megan Ferguson and Ollie Mears won the 3rd Selector Series indicator at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club this weekend. With winds gusting up to 28 knots on saturday Megan and local boy Ollie managed to sail consistently to record 2,2,1 in the three races. Sunday brought a lenghty wait to see if the wind would fill in - but to no avail and that consistency was enough to allow 10002 to record her maiden selector series victory.

Megan Ferguson Ollie Mears - Clemenson Nautilus Winners 2017



3rd and Final World Team Indicator - Clemenson Nautilus Trophy 2017
NOR and ESI published
With the final indicator looming large - all is to play for, world team places, bronze fleet trophies and bragging rights against your mates and rival sailing clubs!!. With a warm welcome guaranteed at Burnham the class are looking forward to an exciting series across the whole fleet.

Check out the marketplace for all price ranges - with reductions across the board!!

Stop Press - Yachts and Yachting Selector Series report HERE

Selector Series results HERE

CADET Alumni Success - take 2
A huge congratulations goes to Alex Corby - the ex cadet sailor and class coach - who has been selected to represent the UK at Skeleton Bobsleigh ( hurling yourself at great speeds down a hill on a teatray!!) . Alex had an illustrious career in Cadets culminating in a 3rd at the Worlds and is sailing solos and coaching the cadet class.
Alex is now relocating to Bath to train with the UK squad and who knows become yet another cadet Olympian - albeit in a very different event.

                                        Well Done Alex!!

Alf Simmonds Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Cara Bland and Ines Green for winning the event.

Results Here

Peter Scott Trophy   WPNSA    

Congratulations to Cara Bland and Ines Green for winning the event.

Results Here

CADET Alumni Success!!

RYA Youth Nationals 2017 - An excellent event for ex Cadet sailors at Hayling Island

Huge Congratulations must go to Daisy Collingridge who finished 2nd in the Laser Radial Girls event  with two bullets!!  - Go Daisy

A brief reminder for you - but who is the "butter wouldn't melt " crew??

Also in 420 we had excellent results from 
  • Ross Thompson - 1st Crew 
  • Tom Collyer and Aaron Chadwick - 8th 
  • Alex Colquitt - 16th  Helm
  • Archie Penn and Ben Warrington  - 18th 
  • Jonny Thompson - 20th Helm
  • Jamie Harris  and Harry Chatterton - 23rd
  • Lainey Terkelson and Lucie Offord - 25th 
  • Ellie Wooton and Issie Spears - 29th 
  • George Bridge - 30th Crew
  • Saskia Taylor- 36th Crew

Ex Cadets have once again demonstrated the skills and experience gained from cadets can be carried succesfuly into the 420 fleet and several of the boats above have been selected to represent GBR at the forthcoming Worlds and Europeans  in Adelaide and Greece respectivley -  we will keep you informed of the progress!


*********click here*********

Hi everyone,
I have been going the event entries and there are a few who have entered but have not paid the £20 class membership.  We would really appreciate if you could pay online before Thursday as paying cash on the day means one of us has to go to bank to deposit the money which is rather time consuming.  If you are unsure if you have paid please email and we’ll let you know.
UK Cadet Class 

Stop Press Megan Ferguson and Tom Stratton Brown tame "The Pond"  win FPSC Open in Aeolus

A hoolie at Frensham pond made for exciting times for the FPSC 2017 open with over 25 boats registered and a 7 boat bronze fleet battling the elements all day.

Exciting racing and plenty of swimming saw Megan Ferguson and Tom Stratton Brown win the event with 3 wins and a second.

See Yachts and Yachting for full write up - HERE

Cadet Marketplace here  See what's for sale

Squad training at Burnham - WOW that was fun!!  - how fast did YOU go????  -  and how many times swimming!!!!

video here

NEWS FLASH - new web page up and running!!  CADET MARKETPLACE  

Starts with Boats - but who knows where we will get to - have a look!

Parents of cadets past and present - we have all done it , sweated , toiled, swore, barked panicked and in some cases then relaxed as we go through the pains of the selector series to see if "young jonny" has made it into GBR Squad  or where there are compared to their peers with a myriad of excel spreadsheets, and the use of several IT departments in the process!!

So UKNCCA have published the current rankings on the selector series page
HERE with a PDF view and excel spreadsheet for your manipulation , guaranteed to provide hours of fun!!

We have begun the rankings based on 2016 results with 28 races ( wow did we really do that many !!) and we will provide updated rankings as each event completes.

You can download the excel spreadsheet to monitor  "young jonny's" progress both in his/her goals for the year , and see how they are doing in general.

Whilst this gives you the rankings as of end of 2016 season - people have moved on , so its all level and game on for 2017.

The selectors are on us soon and the merry go round begins.

STOP PRESS (again) Neilson GBR Cadet team has a world

championship boat - Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson
Jamie Harris is the Cadet World Champion after 10 grueling races in Buenos Aries beating off strong local competition to win. In what was a very strong event for Neilson GBR Cadet team every boat finished in the top half of the fleet with 6 of the  top 10 representing GBR.
Jamie Harris /Antonia Wilkinson 9985                  1st
Hattie Collingridge/Hamish Collingridge 9877       4th
Ellie Wooton/Amelia Mayhew 9876                       5th
Cara Bland/Ines Green 9962                                 7th
Megan Ferguson/Yasmin Sfaxi 10002                   8th
Anna Morgan/Jemima Hill 9020                            10th
Issie Spears/Emily Spears 9984                           18th
Ryan Wilkinson/ Megara Wilkinson 8997              20th
Katie Spark/Connor Line 9983                              21st
Harry Chatterton/Faye Chatterton 10001              24th

Reports to follow once we have all calmed down and packed container !!!!!!
Neilson GBR world team results Here 

Full Yachts and Yachting Reports Here
Cadet World Facebook page Here

Youtube images of Neilson GBR Cadet World Team here

photos © Neilson Holidays

DAY 4 NEILSON GBR HAVE 5 BOATS IN WORLD TOP 10 with Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson leading the way
After a very eventful day for Neilson GBR Cadet world team which saw TWO GBR victories TWO GBR demasts and a host of other incident s to keep support parents on their toes and edge of RIBs.!!

Phew - full report is here - 
Yachts and Yachting

DAY 2 NEILSON GBR HAVE 4 BOATS IN WORLD TOP 10 with Jamie Harris leading the way
After a successful first day success continued on day two with a race win for Jamie and Antonia supported by two consistent results from Hattie and Hamish.
Some images from a wet cameraman as the chop was brutal!!

Neilson GBR Cadet World Team have 1st 2nd and 4th after two races!!!

Click Here for Link to results

For all the latest on the Cadet Worlds please check out the Cadet World Facebook page   Click Here


For latest updates on Yachts and Yachting click here 

Images of Neilson GBR World Team at the British Embassy and Opening Ceremony

At last - the training has begun - Pablo Volker is driving the Neilson GBR Cadet team on light winds across the delta
Neilson GBR Cadet World Team Training Buenos Aires 2016
After long and exited flights from the cold winter UK, the Neilson GBR Cadet World Team arrived in hot humid and noisy Buenos Aires to a mixture of missing bags, baggage handling strikes and no problems what so ever. Those lucky enough to have allowed an extra week or two have traveled this exiting country and brushed up on their Spanish; they have also given themselves the best opportunity to acclimatise as it is really really hot.
Unpacking the team container at 9am was a smooth operation due to the excellent racking system built by Chris Sparks and Geoff Mayhew.

The boats travelled well and arrived undamaged and seriously dry. The team excitedly rigged them in the building heat before cooling off in the Club Nautico Albatros swimming pool placed next to an idyllic bar on the harbour entrance.
Aware of the heat and impending sunburn the team have been careful to protect themselves and stay in the shade. That’s easy on land but yesterday and today out on the water that proved a different matter. The team are in the capable hands of coach Pablo Volker, a world Champion 420 and F18 sailor, who knows all the ins and outs of the locality, from how to survive the sun, the tides and the winds, to helping the team find lunch in the local supermarket.

With complicated overcast skies yesterday the sailing had something of everything from double hiked out powering through the steep chop to the lightest of light breezes as two fronts battled it out above.  Today the team launched alongside the Australian and the Argentine teams for what will probably be some more light air practice.
Neilson GBR Cadet World Team boats and team kit looks fantastic as does the event commemorative shirt which is going to be a collectors item. With the nations beginning to mingle and the friendships developing the event venue and hospitality of the Argentines and Club Nautico Albatros has been above and beyond.

With Slade, Pogues, Wizard (and some slightly newer Christmas songs; never as good) blasting across the dinghy park in the 30 degree heat, the excitement and the nerves are building. With plans being made for Christmas day, and measurement starting on Boxing Day the first important race is looming large.

Attached are some images of the current Neilson GBR Cadet World Team Squad Training - if you see some pictures upside down thats because we are south of the equator!!!!!

After several fraught journeys the Neilson GBR Cadet yeam have arrived at Club Nautico Albatross to find a beautiful sailing club with excellent facilities.

Frensham Pond Cadets kitted out for training in the winter sun!!

Honestly - its not the Deben in July!!!!!!
Come back for regular updates and our new blog!!


The best of luck to the Neilson GBR Cadet World Team - here are some images of training

For all the latest from the       For the Latest Information from our            For all updates on the 50th  
Neilson GBR world team        Supporters
Neilson Holidays                    Cadet World Championships 




Neilson supports Young Sailing Stars

Neilson sponsors GBR Cadet World Sailing Team for 2016 and 2017 World Championships
Neilson, the active holiday specialist, has been announced as the official sponsor of the GBR Cadet World Sailing Team ahead of the team’s participation in the 50th World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December 2016 and in Bruinisee, Netherlands, in 2017.
The Neilson GBR Cadet World Team is made up of 20 young sailors aged from 10 to 17 years, split across 10 cadet boats, each with a helm and one crew. The UK Cadet class is one of the leading junior classes in the UK, providing young people with access to the sport and the opportunity and training to become top performing athletes.  Many successful Olympic sailors started their sail-racing careers in the UK Cadet Class and the Royal Yachting Association, a world class governing body for sailing, fully supports the class.  After podium places in the last four world championships, the Neilson GBR World Team is a strong contender to win the World Championship this year.
Thanks to Neilson’s sponsorship, the team will have access to the best youth racing in the world, affording them the chance to represent their country on an international level and inspiring the next generation of sailors. Sailing is synonymous with the Neilson brand; as one of original and flagship activities offered, it is deeply embedded within the company culture. Many members of the senior management team are still active in the sailing community and with such similar values, the opportunity to bring in the next generation of sailors was too perfect to miss.
David Taylor, Managing Director, Neilson commented;
"A number of sailors on the GBR Cadet team learnt how to sail and further developed their skills on Neilson Holidays so it’s a privilege to sponsor the team and enable these young people to pursue their passion, something which is central to the Neilson ethos. We are very proud to be putting something back into a sport which is obviously close to our hearts. I have every confidence that the Neilson GBR Cadet World Team will continue a proud tradition of British cadet sailors winning abroad and hopefully bring 2016 to a close with success in Argentina."
As well as Royal Yachting Association certified dinghy sailing courses on its Beachclub holidays, Neilson also operates a range of ‘stay and sail’ and flotilla holidays around the northern and southern Ionian. The range of sailing activities on offer is designed to encourage Neilson guests to have a go at the sport whatever their level of experience.
Doug Targett, Chairman of the UK National Cadet Class, said;
"Neilson is the perfect partner for the GBR Cadet World Sailing Team and this sponsorship will make a meaningful difference to the competitors in Argentina. There is a great buzz around the team and I wish them all a following wind for their adventure to Buenos Aires"
The International Cadet Class is the only exclusively junior international racing class in the world. Thousands of children have learned to sail and race in the Cadet dinghy and the class has produced many Olympic medalists such as Ben Rhodes and Pippa Wilson. With 18 national associations, the Class has global reach and the annual world championships is the pinnacle of the year for young cadet sailors around the world. 
For further information please visit www.neilson.co.uk or call 0333 014 3350.

Media enquiries: For further information please contact Laoise Collins on neilson@brightergroup.com



Cadets at the 2016 Endeavour Trophy
Jamie and Bettine Harris represented the Cadet class at the historic Endeavour trophy for the 2nd year running last month. As Cadet National Champion, Jamie was invited to take part in the famous race, the “champion of champions” held at the Royal Corinthian YC. He and Bettine were racing against Olympians Ben Saxton and Niki Birrell who were special guests amongst the fleet of 27 RS 200’s.
“It is a dream to be able to race against these sailing legends” said Jamie “and an honour to be representing the Cadets in this historic event”
It was Ben Saxton who took the title for the 2nd year running although he didn’t dominate quite as he had last year. The slightly lighter autumn winds levelled the playing field a little and kept the racing very close indeed.
Jamie and Bee started well with a 2nd place, pulling a tactical move on Merlin Rocket representative Roger Gilbert to overtake him at the final leeward mark. They finished the Saturday in 3rd place overall and impressed amongst the stiff competition.
After the racing on Saturday Jamie said; “This is such a great experience and we did really well today. We have managed this boat much better than we expected and the power seems to be just perfect for us today. The conditions were very tidal and shifty but if we can manage the boat in similar conditions tomorrow we hope to do well.”
Saturday evening’s formal dinner included a brilliant speech from Niki Birrell about his Olympic experience in Rio. With tales of woe, fun, tension and humour, Niki had the fleet and supporters glued to his every word. After the speech he passed his Olympic medals around for all to see, a true inspiration.
Sundays racing was intense, with the racing so very close every tiny mistake lost some places, but as the competitors settled down for the prize giving Jamie and Bettine found that they had done enough to stay in 7th place overall, the top junior sailors and beating the likes of the 420, Fevas, Varios, etc in the final list. They even managed to beat Niki and Johnny McGovern!


Please say a fantastic WELL DONE to the RYA OnBoard Sailor of the month - our very own JAMIE HARRIS 

OB graduate Jamie Harris off to Argentina in December
He was scared of water as a child, but next month he once again heads to the Cadet Worlds in Argentina as two-time national class champion. Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club’s Jamie Harris, 15, is our OnBoard Sailor of the Month!

For the full and frank interview click here!

The 2016 GBR Cadet World Team!

9985  Jamie Harris and Toni Wilkinson
9984  Isobel Speirs and Emily Speirs
10001  Harry Chatterton and Faye Chatterton
9876  Ellie Wootton and Amelia Mayhew
10002  Megan Ferguson and Yasmin Sfaxi
9321  Katie Spark and Connor Line
9877  Hattie Collingridge and Hamish Collingridge
9962  Cara Bland and Ines Green
8997  Ryan Wilkinson and Eliza Jones
9020  Anna Morgan and Jemima Hill

UK Cadets Training hard for Argentinian Worlds....

Read more.... click here

2016 Zhik Cadet National Championships
Many congratulations to Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson on becoming 2016 National Championships!
A superb event yet again at WPNSA. Thanks to all that helped organise it.
A big thank you to Nick Dempsey and Hanna Mills for coming to talk to us about their Olympic success. 

Please click on the 2016 Nationals Tab above for links to the VRsportTV footage and for the full results.

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