Since 2014 worlds I have been sailing 420’s with Lucie Offord who had crewed for Arron Holman. Since then we sailed in the youth squad and just missed the qualification for the GB team by one place. We had a really bad event at Draycott where it was really light, we had a great last race but just dropped too far. So we are going to the French nationals and the UK nationals at Pwhelli this year. I passed my Assistant Instructor (13) and Dinghy instructor (16) and I really enjoy teaching on Alton Water, and I really love coaching the Cadets. I’m really working hard with my A levels, and hope to go to Exeter or Southampton Uni’s to study Politics and Economics. I’m looking forward to team racing (BUSA) when I get there.

So…When did you start sailing?

From when I was a baby we used to go on holiday on grandpa’s yacht on the med and then from 6 years old crewing with Hattie White. I loved it; we capsized all the time. Then I sailed (and sang a lot) with Charlotte Hayward.

They say you never forget your first Cadet?

My first boat was Flying Scotsman 9030, a Rondar, I was really sad when we sold it recently. It’s gone to Burnham Otters so I’m happy that she will still be sailed.

What is your best Cadet moment?

When we won the 2014 Selector series, we won the first indicator with straight firsts on the second day. Unfortunately at the 2014 worlds we got 2 black flags and finished 12th, so were a little bit disappointed.

What animal are you when you sail?

A Cat, or an Elephant A cat because I’m really friendly, but an Elephant because I never forget if you cross me.

Who is your inspiration?

Amy Seabright now near the top rank of 470’s, she used to come to Waldringfield occasionally, and she really inspired me to be focussed to try and do my best.

What is your top sailing tip?

Stay happy, don’t do it if you’re not having fun we never do well unless we are happy, so Lucie and I work hard to keep each others spirits up.

Where is your favourite sailing venue, UK and abroad?

Waldringfield and Lake Garda. Brittany was lovely too with great white sand beaches.

What is your perfect dry bag lunch?

Lots and lots of snack bars and nature valley bars, with cheese sandwiches, and water.

What is your dream boat?

A Spirit 54 like the one in Casino Royal, or a Hugo Boss boat.

Thank you to…….

My Parents, even though they don’t sail they are always trying to offer advice and are always so supportive Cara and Lucie (for crewing) Mike Mac who has always been so supportive to me, and Johnny McGovern too.

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