Why do we measure sails?  

All Cadet sails to be used for Cadet racing at either local, National or International level should be measured when new – before being used for the first time (sails can be measured at an event but please bear in mind the measurers have children racing as well, so this is best done in advance!). This ensures that the sails are of the correct materials and size to be used for Cadet racing. The measurer will endorse the sails to confirm that they adhere to the class rules, however at some (generally International) events re-measurement may be undertaken at the discretion of the organising authority.  

How do I get my sail measured and what does it cost?  

Sails can be measured by either RYA certified measurers or class approved measurers. For the specific sail measurement rules please see section G of class rules. The class measurers will undertake sail measurement for no charge and after completion with ‘sign’ the sail with:  

  • Measurement Authority: UNNCCA 
  • Measurer Name: 
  • Measurer Signature: 
  • Date:

Cadet Class Sail measurers  

Club  Sail Measurers 
Frensham  Doug Targett, Martin Goult 
South Cerney   
Stone  Karl Terkelson 

  What about the Green Buttons? 

 To be used for National or International events all sails (Jib, Main and Spinnaker) should be measured and have an approved class button attached. Class buttons are either supplied by the sail-maker or can be purchased below from the UNKCCA. Some older sails (more than 5 years old) may have the earlier version of the class buttons which was a sewn on label 

Buy Sail Buttons

If you require larger quantities of buttons and a class invoice please contact measurer@cadetclass.org.uk with the requirements.