The International Cadet Class requires that  every new owner of a Cadet registers the boat ownership via the measurement  card. This card proves that the boat conforms to the International Cadet Class Rules and is required to enter all UK and International events.  It holds all of the details about the boat such as:

  • Boat Name and Number 
  • Hull Builder 
  • Date Built 
  • Measurer  
  • Date Measured 
  • Hull Weight (including correctors) 
  • Weight of Correctors (max 3kg)

In addition to that there is a section on the back where you can record details of buoyancy tests.

In the past it’s been quite a painful affair managing the buoyancy / measurement cards but we have now moved this process entirely online.

In order to purchase a new measurement card for your boat, please sign into your account and then head over to the store.

Purchase a new Measurement Card


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