What is the Measurement Card (AKA Buoyancy Card)?

The International Cadet Class requires that every new owner of a Cadet registers the boat ownership via the buoyancy card. This card proves that the boat conforms to the International Cadet Class Rules and is required to enter all UK and International events. This card should show the following information:

  • Boat Name and Number
  • Hull Builder
  • Date Built
  • Measurer
  • Date Measured
  • Hull Weight (including correctors)
  • Weight of Correctors (max 3kg)

I have just purchased a Cadet, how do I get a new one and how long is it valid?

Purchase a Measurement Card

When issued the card is valid for use by the current owner until transferred to a new owner at which point a new card should be requested from the UKNCCA, with the new owners details

There is a fee for new buoyancy cards payable to UKNCCA and part of this fee is also passed onto the International Cadet Class